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Trombonists of Tutti!

Richard Everson joined us in the last year. He was born in Stockton-on-Tees, and lives in Leeds: "Because it is a fantastic dynamic city with lots to do for my family and it's not too far from some amazing countryside". He works as a finance support officer for Migration Yorkshire.  Richard plays the Trombone, he's been playing since year 5 primary school: he says

mainly because his embochure was too slack for a trumpet and there were already too many Tubas at school and not enough Trombones in the school band. (Wow a school band! Ed.) Richard joined Tutti! because it is a local band and he wanted to support music in Bramley. He enjoys playing music with the people, there is a great community feel about the band... and there's cake. He loves playing "You can't stop the beat" it is up- beat and has a positive message. For Richard, an unexpected benefit or bonus of being in the band is that his daughter has enjoyed the music and loves playing along when he's practising. When the band can finally come back together, Richard most looks forward to "seeing some happy smiling faces".

(Here is Richard not in Tutti! uniform!)

Laura Gill is also one of our Trombonists. She is from Harrogate, a mum of twins and a primary school teacher. She moved to Leeds for Uni and stayed: "It’s close to friends, family and work". 

Laura started trombone when she was 9. She wanted to learn a brass instrument and there happened to be a trombone at school that she was able to borrow. Laura had no desire to learn the trombone, but it looked fun. She played regularly until she was about 16.

Then, "My trombone teacher passed away suddenly and I wasn’t at a high enough grade level to join the senior bands at school, so I just stopped playing as much". 

A couple of years ago, Laura wanted to start playing trombone more and it just so happened that Tutti! were a very local band, who were willing to let her join! 

Joining Tutti! provided Laura with a challenge. She enjoys having to learn new pieces and she loves making music with other people. 

When asked: "What’s one of your favourite pieces in the repertoire and why?", Laura said:

"Ooo...that’s a tough question. You Can’t Stop The Beat is one of my favourites at the moment - it’s such an energetic piece and I have it stuck in my head for days afterwards. 

Saying that, I love playing Bare Necessities. It has so many trombone solo bits and completely pushes me out of my comfort zone."

For Laura, the social side of band has been brilliant and the catching up after practice with coffee and cake is an added mood lifter!

The banter, the music, the coffee and cake, seeing everyone and having that Saturday morning band pick-me-up feeling, are the things Laura is most looking forward to when Tutti! can meet to play again.

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