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Tutti!'s Tracey...

Meet Tracey. She is a long standing member of Tutti! (having come across from its previous incarnations). Tracey works really hard with sorting our music, for which we are very grateful.

Where were you born?


Why do you live in Leeds?

It’s my home!

What is your occupation?

I'm a Customer Service Assistant in a council Community Hub and Library – I work on the library side of the service

What’s your instrument, how long have you played, and why did you start?

I play clarinet and alto saxophone. I’ve been playing clarinet since I was 10 years old. The saxophone came many years later. I was in a band that didn’t have very many saxes so I decided to give it a go and I’ve been playing for five years now!

What made you join a concert band and why Tutti?

When my daughter was born and I stopped working my family suggested that I should do something that was just for me so I joined Horsforth Music Centre in 2002. I moved on to West Leeds Music Centre when it was established and joined the Concert Band, which would eventually become Tutti.

What do you enjoy about playing with Tutti?

We’re a really friendly bunch and I love the support and encouragement that everyone gives, especially as I’m learning a second instrument. I enjoy the type of music that we play and the experience of playing together as a group is really special. We play at some great venues, including in Leeds Parks as part of the Summer Bands in the Park programme. It’s great to see people enjoying the music and maybe singing along, and thinking “I had a part in making people happy”.

What’s one of your favourite pieces in the repertoire and why?

I can’t choose! I love playing Toto’s Africa, especially when we’ve got a good range of percussion in the band! I also enjoy the Glenn Miller and Stevie Wonder arrangements we play.

What has been an unexpected benefit or bonus of being in the band?

Learning a second instrument has been quite daunting and I’m sure that without the support and advice of my wonderful sax friends I would have given up ages ago! I get such a sense of achievement when I’m able to play a piece that I have found difficult.

What do you look forward to most when the band can meet together again?

Being with my friends again and making wonderful music together. It’s really not the same online or on my own.

And we’ll need a REALLY big cake to celebrate!

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