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Every Band Needs a Baritone Saxophonist!

So, what is your name? Victoria 

Where were you born? Galashiels, Scotland.

Why do you live in Leeds? I came to Leeds to study at Leeds University, realised what a marvellous place it is and decided to stay. 

What is your occupation? I'm an IFA Administrator...

What is that? ... hmm, how do I say it without sounding boring?.... I work for a financial advisor, servicing clients' pensions and investments and writing reports... I don't think there is an interesting way to say that....

Tell us about your musical life and background... I play Baritone Saxophone with Tutti but I started playing the clarinet when I was 11 because I liked the smooth sound. I saved up and bought a tenor sax when I was 16. My Dad used to play Baritone Sax in the Borders Big Band while I was growing up. I have fond memories of watching him play the Bari Sax Solo in The Pink Panther at gigs. I always wanted to have a go at playing Bari. 

What made you join a concert band and why tutti? My Dad was getting rid of his Bari Sax when Tutti was setting up and they needed a Bari player. I saw my chance to have a regular spot in a band playing an instrument I love. 

What do you enjoy about playing with Tutti? really enjoy playing with Tutti because of the selection of music, I had never played in the Bass section of a band before and it is a new and great experience. 

What’s one of your favourite pieces in the repertoire and why? I love the Stevie Wonder Medley because it has some really fun bits to play and it always makes the whole band buzz when we play it together. 

What has been an unexpected benefit or bonus of being in the band? The opportunity to get to know lots of lovely people. 

What do you look forward to most when the band can play together again? Playing with real people and not on my own. 

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