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One of Tutti's Fluties

Meet flautist, Kate, who joined us in 2019.

1. Name? 

Kate Ghauri Moore

2. Where were you born? 

Chorley, Lancashire 

3.  Why do you live in Leeds? 

I moved to Leeds as a student at the college of music in 1988 met my husband and stayed here.

4.  Occupation?


5.  What’s your instrument? How long have you played? Why did you start?

My instrument is flute.

Initially I started on recorder, then guitar at primary school. My mum was "instrumental" in me taking up guitar as she organised funding for a bunch of us to have lessons and to get funding for the actual instruments.  At high school, aged 14, I started playing flute, then during my A levels I had piano lessons. I wanted to learn how to play oboe, but was discouraged due to the cost and plumped for flute instead!

When I dropped out of university I was playing with Bassa Bassa and had a great year with them, playing Glastonbury and WOMAD. Then life got in the way and my flute just got neglected. When I picked it up again it sounded so bad that I was discouraged. 

I've always owned a piano, even as a student and would play that every now and again. But flute was always the instrument that I showed the most promise in, so as my daughter got older and I had more time I decided to give flute another go. I joined a flute ensemble and that meant I had to practice to keep up with the group. 

Now I also own a piccolo and an alto flute.

6.  What made you join a concert band? Why tutti?

I joined a flute ensemble a few years ago which got me back into playing flute after a 25 year break. Then at a flute workshop I met Alison (another Tutti flautist) and Tutti sounded like fun. I thought it would improve my playing to have a go at different styles of music.

7. What do you enjoy about playing with Tutti?

I like the repertoire, the people and the time suits me. Also I feel like I learn things when I am there.

8.  What’s one of your favourite pieces in the repertoire and why?

Africa. Just because I listened to a recording of Tutti playing it before I joined, and that was what made my mind up to join. Although I really enjoy Children of Sanchez, (which I sometimes play along to for fun), and America, but we haven't played that as a group properly yet.

9. What’s been an unexpected benefit / bonus of being in the band?

Improvement in understanding off beat rhythms - all those doo dahts! When I play in other groups I surprise myself that I can sightread harder rhythms. 

10. What do you look forward to most when the band can meet together again?

Playing in the same room! I am in 2 other music groups other than Tutti, and we've done lots of lockdown recordings, but it just isn't the same as playing all together. That sense of playing as one, reacting to other players and that big band sound swell you just don't get playing along to a click track.


Children of Sanchez


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